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You dream of illuminating your event differently ?

Be pioneer and innovate! Thanks to our fleet of luminous drones, we offer you a unique staging of your event. Let your guests enjoy an exceptional experience as we will create, together, your own drone show.

Are you looking for a different and original show?

With Magic Drone, illuminate your event with a unique aerial ballet that will leave a lasting impression on your audience!

Magic Drone is known for drone shows in France and Europe. Eco-friendly, creative and unique in its kind, live the experience of magical emotions.


It is the exclusive implementation of lighted drone shows


Magic-Drone assists you in your project by creating a drone show in your image. Logo, texts, image, everything is customizable and adjustable to different locations.


Lighted moves like shooting stars, bluff your public with this unique show. Young and old will be amazed by this new show.


Our CSR approach; the drones are certified according to the latest standards. Create more eco-friendly events thanks to our drone shows.


Endowed with an amazing precision, these last generation luminous drones can answer all your desires. Innovative in their design, they are placed with an extrem precision (at the centimeter) ready to have a perfect rendering on your big day.

A great experience !

In 2D, 3D, with RVB lights , the imagination of shapes and colors has no limit. Creation has never been so easy, let your desires and ideas speak… SKY is the limit !

Put your ideas into action and enjoy an almost unlimited palette of possibilities. With limitless shapes and customizable colors, you are now the creator of your own show. Equipped with a catalog of pre-programmed drone shows but also with customizable visuals, we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to your project.

100 drones
200 drones
creation 300 drones

We accompany you to create an exceptional show

Idea / Study of the project
We study with attention and precision all your project requests.
Creation of the show
We create a show tailored to your requirements.
Requests for authorizations
We take care of the administrative aspects of the show.
Validation of the show
You will approved the drone show created by our team
Event day - Time to enjoy
All you have to do is relax, and enjoy the show !
You dream of a unique show?


A new generation of aerial ballet!

Make yourself and your audience amazed with this drone ballet. Enjoy the emotions thanks to the luminous drones… Complementary to the usual fireworks, you can easily add your coat of arms/logo, a word, a date and impress your spectators. Change the traditional annual fireworks and embellish it with some luminous drones. Boggle the mind of your spectators and make this show unforgettable!

This latest ultra-precise technology allows us to manage hundreds of drones thanks to precise computer programming.

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Our lasts projects


Dare to dream with us!


We answer your frequently asked questions.

This service has almost no limits, sports events, product launch, exhibition/fair, summits, wedding proposal, birthday, live show, inaugurations, TV show, summer parties, end of year parties, national and international day.

With several drones or hundreds, we make your event an unforgettable moment.

Aim higher and bigger for your public or private events.

In order to launched a show, and meet your expectations, we have 2 main principals to respect:

- Almost no wind
- No rain

We also have to respect minimum distances with the public during the show.

When we will study your project, we will be able to give you more information. Don't wait any longer, contact-us!

We can offer you a catalog of pre-programmed shows, easily customizable to your image.

If on the other hand you wish to start from scratch and program a completely innovative and new drone show, it may take around 3 months.

Whatever your event is, we listen to your desires and we bring our expertise to produce a magical and unique drone show.

Do not hesitate to contact us in advance for your event, it will allow us to offer you a perfect show.

In order to make an interesting show, we start from 50 drones. We can however create shows up to 500 drones. We will be there to advise you on defining how many drones are needed for your project.

We set up safety perimeters around the show, in a way that all spectators can enjoy the show without any danger. Moreover, the drones are configured in such a way that they never exceed the programmed area.

We take care of all the authorization requests before the show. That's why you should contact us as soon as possible, especially at the beginning of your project.

It all depends on the number of drones for your event. Generally we arrive in the morning for the evening show.

However, in order to be well prepared, if possible we come during the project, in the location to define the takeoff area as well as the adequate flight area.

Each show is different, some elements could impact on the price: duration, location of the show, show test, customization, etc. We estimate that in order to have a qualitative show, you need to use at least 50 drones for a minimum price of 15000€.

We can easily adapt to your desires, your location, your theme or your brand image to design a drone show that looks like you. We will do our best to realize a unique lighted drone show whatever the number of drones you choose.

You have a public or private event over several days? We can adapt to this kind of request very easily!

Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us about your project!

We travel in France,  Europe and also throughout the world to respond to each of your projects.

Our company is based in Reims in France, we can be brought to travel all over the world in order to propose a drone show for your event.

In the same way as a standard fireworks, your audience must be captivated. In order to achieve it, our shows last between 8 to 15 minutes maximum.

Before the event, we create a simulation on computer of your show, in order for you to realize the final result.

We can propose drone flights in addition with fireworks for example or any other visual element.

Our drones are the latest generation and have a flight time around 20 minutes. We can launch another show in a shorter time, just by changing the drone’s batteries.

Of course, we can come to complete traditional fireworks, a building mapping or any other shows, it is a real plus-value for your event!

Don't hesitate to contact us, we will be able to guide you and make your show a great and unique event for your audience.


Who are we ?

We are a passionate team around innovation and new technologies, we are based in Champagne-Ardennes in Reims, France. In the event industry for more than 18 years, we are since our beginnings, been interested in avant-garde technologies. We decided to combine our acquired skills and put them to good use in this new concept to launch MAGIC DRONE. Responding to eco-friendly needs and events, we clearly distinguishing ourselves from other solutions.

We will work together all project long, by putting forward your image and your event. Totally customizable to your liking, this drone show is an innovative and clean solution for an authentic impact on your audience.

Differentiating yourself has become essential and mandatory in order to build customer loyalty and convince your prospects. This show will delight its spectators during your product launches, special events, etc… 

Today with Magic Drone, be among the first companies in France, Europe and around the world to use this revolutionary way to celebrate.


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